bitter choco decoration!
faye! 6teen they/(s)he lesbian east asian
hello my name is faye i kiss women! currently fixating on hypmic and cookie run but im also interested in a3!, i7, enstars, mhyk, genshin, twst, and a whole host of other things. yeah thats it scroll down for my byf and remember to stream black journey
i reclaim chink often. don't call me romantic pet names. im nd and mentally ill. im also researching if i have bipolar disorder. i make a lot of violent jokes so if u dont like that pls tell me to dial back. im more active on my priv (ask me for it). tag /neg romance. i tag what u need tagged. i block doppo kins/if u think u are me. nothing against you!! i think ur super cool n valid but i. yeah
don't interact if!
basic dni, antisys, you ship gross ass stuff (soukoku, kaeluc, ramujaku, samaichi, hitoya/bat, sylki, etc), lesbophobic or against hesbians, you use asian names when ur not an asian, you kin/think ur doppo

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